NTS Radiogram Portal

You might be aware that there is an effort underway by the ARRL to modernize the National Traffic System, an initiative known as NTS 2.0.

There are many efforts within NTS 2.0, but one is a project called the Radiogram Portal. This is essentially a Web site that allows a member of the general public to easily submit a message which will become a Radiogram, to be originated and relayed to its destination by Amateur Radio using NTS. Think of it as a cyberspace version of the traditional state-fair message booth.

(Importantly, this is not a page that sends a Radiogram automatically through NTS. The message must still be picked up from the site by an licensed Amateur Radio traffic handler, who originates the message in the usual way, using voice, CW, or digital.)

This launched just recently, and if you have a friend or family member who may be interested in utilizing it — or want to try it yourself — the link is here:


If you’re a traffic handler and want to learn more about this project, here’s an intro video: